We launched Cambrian Mountains Wool with a small collection of very carefully selected colours that have been so well received…. but missing a green and a pink. Well, and a few other shades but these two, especially the green, were always to be the key ‘next additions’. Our first colours were drawn from the industrial history of the region… where to turn next?



As well as giving a wild and beautiful rural landscape, the Cambrian Mountains also run into Cardigan Bay at Aberystwyth. Cardigan Bay stretches round in a huge curve from Bardsey Island in the north right round to Strumble Head in Pembrokeshire.

The Bay is home to seals and Bottlenosed Dolphins. The rugged coastline offers striped cliffs and tiny bays, sandy beaches and rocky outcrops. Rock pools abound, and there are waterfalls where streams empty from the hills. Small towns and old villages, fish and chips on the quayside and icecreams on the beach – traditional British seaside at its best!

Pinks of Goose Barnacles and limpets, pearly linings of Mussels, the patterns of top shells and whelks – common enough shells but fascinating if you take the time to look closely. There are greens and pinks, burgundy and olive in the seaweed, and when the light catches it – an amazing yellow-green-mustardy colour that I’d love to capture! And did you know? Lavabread is a seaweed, served up in Wales with bacon.

So there you have it:

Gwymon – or Seaweed – green.

Perl – silvery, pearly shell pink.

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