Our company is a Community interest company or CIC which means that we have certain activities which we have said that we will undertake which will be beneficial to our ‘community’. What we mean by community is, those of you who are working in the business of wool, whether that’s farming, spinning, dyeing, designing or knitting, weaving etc. (to name just a few). So for us, as directors of Cambrian Mountains Wool CIC, it means that we have pledged, when possible, to donate time, skills and/or resources in order to promote and raise the profile and use of Cambrian (Welsh) wool and of course, to promote the region whenever possible.

We have many types of different activities which we will be attending over the year but one of our first projects was to work with the second year students at Coleg Sir Gar.

The Brief 

The students were given a quantity of our rug quality wool and the brief was to design fabrics for interiors. This particular project was a group project and so the students had to work together but had to come up with a coherent collection of designs, despite them all working with different techniques. Those being: knitting, hand and machine, crochet and weaving. They chose the colour palette between themselves after completing their own research into the region and dyed their own yarns. The final designs were to be shown at the Wonderwool fair at Builth Wells. This student exhibition of work would co-incide with the launch of our own range of 4 ply and double knit wool.

Research sketchbook

Research sketchbook-weave

Student research sketchbook

Student research sketchbook-the region








There were a lovely variety of fabric samples which the students produced in the colours they had dyed. All of the designs used the ecru or natural wool as well. Fabrics were developed for floor coverings, rugs, throws, blankets and garments.






The students used instagram to showcase the progress of their project and you can see more photos by clicking on the link.

We were very pleased to have been asked to work with Coleg Sir Gar textiles department and were delighted with the results. Well done everyone!

Coleg Sir Gar students

Coleg Sir Gar students with Suzi at the final presentation of work



If you are interested in working with us and our wool, our current community project is working with Wicked Wales 16 and the National Wool Museum of Wales. You can read more detail here but you need to be quick. Competition entries need to be in by 14th of June.