CIC stands for Community Interest Company. A CIC is a limited company with some differences which ensure a fairer way of doing business, such as a greater proportion of net profit being retained for projects beneficial to the community. Rules about assets mean that these cannot be sold off if a company closes, but are passed onto another nominated CIC.

Our CIC was set-up following much work with – and the support of – the Cambrian Mountains Initiative. This is one of the rural Initiatives founded by HRH Prince of Wales to help support and develop upland hill farming regions. Find out more about our history by going to ‘background’

We are proud to be licensed to apply the Cambrian Mountains watercolour logo to our wool. This is a watercolour painted by HRH Prince of Wales, prints of which were sold to raise the start-up funds for the Intitiative.

The aims of Cambrian Mountains Wool CIC are:

  • to facilitate the purchase and processing of, in commercial quantities, the wool produced on the region’s farms
  • The promotion of designers, makers and small manufacturers using locally produced wool; to support and encourage traditional skills and engage with local communities and others to raise awareness of wool production in the region
  • To use any surplus for community events and projects to encourage textile skills, and help raise awareness of wool production in the region; engage with customers (wholesale and retail) and the wider community to promote the use of a valuable resource

Our Directors are Jude Howard, Sue James and Suzi Park.


HRH Prince of Wales Cambrian Mountains Watercolour

HRH Prince of Wales ‘ Cambrian Mountains Watercolour