Wool at the wool board
Raw fleece
Wool at the wool board
Wool at the wool board

Our Wool

We always had a conviction that fine wool could be had from Welsh flocks. The skill of our farmers, along with the sorting and grading processes of the British Wool Marketing Board depot and Curtis Wools Direct, have enabled us to realise our conviction.

Our premium wool is the finest grade of Welsh Mule, the name given to the local Welsh breed when crossed with the Blue Face Leicester. It’s the Blue Face that imparts the lustre and fineness, resulting in a worsted spun yarn with a a sheen and a halo suitable for attire of all kinds. It felts well too, and makes a beautiful woven fabric (we know because we trialled it, but we need to do a little more work before we can offer this)

We currently also have yarns from wool sourced for us by The Natural Fibre Co., from farms in Wales. These yarns, in their natural fleece shades, are woollen spun and sturdy; ideal for cushions, bags or an outer jacket for country walks, and it makes a great tweed. The wool comes from Llanwenog and Black Welsh Mountain sheep; the Llanwenog is from a farm in Llanwenog Parish – about 10 miles from Cambrian Wool HQ.

As well as yarns for handknit and crochet we are keen to develop weaving yarns using the Fine Mule, and are working with Melin Tregwynt to research possibilities. And one day – who knows – we’ll have a fine worsted fabric alongside woollen tweeds.

We are always interested in hearing from potential stockists of our wool, and makers and small manufactures looking for genuine Welsh wool (scoured fleece, tops or yarn) of consistent quality. Contact us via our ‘contact’ page.